5 000 m²

Russia, Voronezh

in progress



Crafting this contemporary office space took our agency months of dedicated work and meticulous attention to detail. Our client’s active involvement was integral in shaping their expansive team’s second home. Their company’s primary need was to create a spacious corporate office for their firm.
Initially inspired by the architecture of a loft design, we recognized the need for more cozy and modern elements. Consequently, while retaining visible rough concrete columns and certain engineering systems, we complemented them with warm wooden elements, transforming the office space into an unusual yet friendly area for everyday work.
While organizing the open office layout, we considered the prevalent need for private spaces. Strategically planning the tables allowed us to carve out cooler and more personalized zones for employees, ensuring their storage needs were addressed even within the open space.
Besides working on office spaces, we also handled the interior design of a coffee house. The office’s location in an outlying area led our clients to contemplate a dining spot for their employees. Consequently, the inviting coffeehouse became a beloved space for the office staff and one of the most stimulating areas for our team to explore. Within our design, we incorporated substantial sculptural plates crafted from our unique ideas, while applying undulating veneer to the storefront of the mini cafe.
Our company specializes in office interior design and various commercial spaces, including restaurant cafe and bar interior designs. Feel free to reach out to us through the provided form to explore our exceptional interior design services in Dubai and the UAE.


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