139 m²

Russia, Moscow

in progress

As most of the interior references sent to us by the client were from our studio’s project, we knew from the start that we were up for a treat. The apartment block itself was a source of inspiration, with the neighborhood and the area itself, reminiscent of Japan, echoed through the French windows offering a breathtaking view.
The apartment was already finished, so many tasks had been handled by our colleagues. Although less common in our practice, this format was equally fascinating. We integrated elements of Japandi style interior design along with a touch of the Nordic trend, aiming for minimalism and clean lines in the space. We made some final adjustments to the layout, enhancing functionality and utilizing the property developer's decoration as a blank canvas to craft a beautifully designed living environment.
Our key task was to ensure the family’s residential needs were catered to, so we utilized such basic tools as furniture, color, and light without altering the base created by the developer. The light and airy space dictated the color palette, and the light hue of the wood in combination with the rough metal and stone made the interior both soft and graphic. Inspired by Scandinavian modern home design, our plans embraced Swedish trends in interiors, incorporating Swedish residential styles. The furniture choices were influenced by this trend, creating a space that felt both minimalist and inviting.
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1 floor
Kids room (2)
Bathroom (3)
Wardrobe (2)
Barvikha Residence
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