Moscow Office




1 000 m²

Russia, Moscow

in progress

Our office interior design company was approached by a corporate firm looking to establish a new workspace for their expanding company in Moscow. The challenge? Accommodate 120 employees in a blank canvas of a space. Our process began by deeply understanding the client’s needs, tuning in to their vibe, and aligning with their corporate culture.
Given the company’s consistent growth, the project evolved significantly throughout its development phase. Besides crafting the primary workspaces, our team curated an informal coworking area, enabling employees to work from the office using their laptops. Additionally, we designed a flexible showroom space that seamlessly converts into a lecture area for employee training.
The color palette was curated from serene shades, and the materials used—concrete, metal, and wood—were technologically blended to provide a modern and functional look to the interior. We take immense pride in our project, which not only mirrors the company’s brand but also crafts a comfortable, stylish, and ergonomic environment for its employees. Designing public spaces is a passion for our firm, as each one is unique and distinctive.
You can request the design of a commercial space by reaching out to our interior design studio in Dubai or Abu Dhabi through the contact form. Our agency specializes in creating innovative commercial designs customized to suit your needs.
Our aim was to create a space that reflects the brand identity of the company while enhancing productivity and comfort for its employees. In the open space, we allocated areas for relaxation, fostering open communication among employees. Furthermore, the lounge area features a sports corner for stretching exercises at any time. Our objective was to establish comfortable zones for collaborative work, individual concentration, and private discussions.


1 floor
Open space (3)
Kitchen area
Lounge area
Offices (14)
Meeting rooms (4)
Sports corner
Tech room