Wright Village




300 m²

Russia, Moscow Oblast

in progress

This community immediately captivated us with its architecture and, of course, its name! We are devoted fans of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, so our task was to create a project in accordance with the principles of this great architect.
Harmony with the surrounding nature is the fundamental principle embedded by Wright in architecture. We aimed to adhere to this principle while designing luxury interior of this marvelous house. Thanks to the expansive windows, the surrounding nature, including the northern spruces, seamlessly integrates into the interior. Embracing the forest’s hues was crucial for crafting this contemporary inside space. We employed a rich, earthy palette and diverse textures to lend the home depth, a welcoming ambiance, and a sense of warmth.
We were fortunate to collaborate with the best clients — a young couple with two children. Our visions for their future home aligned seamlessly. Having followed our company for a while, their envisioned interior decoration leaned distinctly towards a minimalist style. Among our top spaces within the project is the lounge area, featuring a bar and a DJ console, which opens up to a spacious terrace. Additionally, the master bedroom with its bathroom facing the forest through the window emerged as a genuine focal point. The project beautifully harmonizes with the landscape, achieving our goal of integrating the decoration with the surroundings.
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2 floors
Kitchen-Living Room
Master Bedroom
Kidroom (2)
Wardrobe (4)
Bathroom (4)
Two-level apartment
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